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Onsite presence.
Seamless integration.

The Hajoca Onsite Program delivers unparalleled value and services, fostering best-in-class partnerships. Our dedicated Onsite personnel not only ensure the seamless and efficient operation of your supply chain but also become a steadfast and integrated presence within your team.

Key Features

Dedicated onsite Hajoca-staffed personnel for operational efficiency, expertise and agility.
Process-Mapping for stakeholders to make data-driven decisions based on an extensive site analysis upon integration.
Consigned Inventory tailored to the customers product preferences and consumption
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What’s Included

  • Supply Chain Consultation
  • Project Management
  • Implementation
  • Continuous Improvement program
  • Onsite Assets (Computers, Bins, Labels, Racking, Signage)
  • Procurement of core and ancillary products
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