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Streamline Workflows. Customize Your Product Kits.

The Product Kits program offers versatile inventory management, seamlessly integrated with other programs or utilized independently. With customized mobile product organizers filled with curated products, employees can easily select containers tailored to their job requirements, ensuring efficient and organized job-site operations.

Key Features

Time-saving convenience so employees can pull inventory based on service/job
Standardization and consistency with all kits predefined and packed by Hajoca
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HVAC + Plumbing Kits

  • Valve Kit
  • Cooper 45 & Tee
  • Copper Kit
  • Pro Press (Nibco & Viega)
  • Stem & Cartridge Kit
  • PVC Fittings Kit
  • Ball Valve Kit
  • Angle Stop Kit
  • Pex A Kit
  • Pex B Kit

Service Tools


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